Exercise 1-46: Regular transitions of nouns and verbs

In the list below, change the stress from the first syllable for nouns to the second syllable for verbs. This is a regular, consistent change. Intonation is so powerful that you’ll notice that when the stress changes, the pronunciation of the vowels do, too.

Nouns Verbs

An accent to accent

A concert to concert

A conflict to conflict

A contest to contest

A contract to contract

A contrast to contrast

A convert to convert

A convict to convict

A default to default

A desert to desert

A discharge to discharge

An envelope to envelope

An incline to incline

An influence to influence

An insert to insert

An insult to insult

An object to object

perfect to perfect

A permit to permit

A present to present

Produce to Produce

Progress to Progress

A project to project

A pronoun to pronoun

A protest to protest

A rebel to rebel

A recall to recall

A record to record

A reject to reject

Research to Research

A subject to subject

A survey to survey

A suspect to suspect